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2021 Spring Season Update

Dear Parents:

It is with great hope and excitement that we announce our plans to hold a Spring season this year for the Sea Cliff Baseball and North Shore Softball Association.

Our plan is to run the league in accordance with NYS Department of Health guidelines. Due to the pandemic, we will be making some changes to our traditional season. Unfortunately that means no beginning of season parade, indoor clinics, or annual Mets outing, but we look forward to providing a fun and safe Spring activity for the kids.

For those of you who registered last year, you do not need to do anything! We will carry over your registration from last year and there is no price differential. Registration for new players can be done HERE. (Email us at with any questions about registration).

Please let us know if you know of any team sponsors (i.e. local businesses or parents who want to sponsor a team).

We are tentatively planning to commence a season starting the weekend of April 10th (after Spring break).

We offer league play to kids from PK - 7th grades. Email any questions to

Here's to hoping to hear "Play Ball!"

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